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My 2019 resolutions

1. Travel more

Traveling is probably my favorite hobby on earth. I'm pretty sure that I'm born to travel around the world, to discover a lot of cultures and languages. Traveling is definitely my oxygen. The past year, I didn't travel much, which I kinda regret to be honest. I came back to France a few times and stayed in England the rest of the year.

I used to travel a lot: to Thailand, New Zealand, the United-States, all over Europe... But I still have some ideas of countries where I want to go. Here is my 'travel list':

  • Australia: After going to New Zealand, Australia is obviously the next step. I had this idea in mind for a few years now, I'm not quite sure that I will travel there this year though, but I'm still thinking about going there.

  • South Africa: I developed a strong interest for anglophone countries, which is the reason why I wish I could visit South Africa, where I would be able to discover a culture so interesting and beautiful landscapes.

  • Canada: And obviously, Canada... Vancouver is definitely the city that I wished to visit for so long! : Landscapes, incredible activities, culture... Thinking about all these already makes me feel excited.

  • Bali: Who never dreamed about paradise?

  • Greece: It's been years now that my mum recommend me to go to Greece, she told me so many times that I'd love it. I hope I'll be able to spend like a week in summer there.

  • Croatia: Once again, mum's recommendation. I wish I could see Krka National Park at least once in my life.

  • United-States: Obviously... I mean, this blog's name is US Happiness, of course the United-States are what I'm dreaming about! I've already been once, when I was 17, I visited San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego and Las Vegas. I fell in love with the USA and wish one day I'll be able to move there.

2. Learning languages

If you have read my description (find it here), you should know that I studied languages at Uni in Paris and Liverpool. My Bachelor in Foreign Languages was focused on French, English and Spanish, but I'm not gonna lie, we never really practiced how to fluently speak these languages. All we were doing was to translate hundred of articles about politics and the economy, which means the most boring thing ever.

When I lived in London, I fell in love with the English language, that's why I decided to live in Liverpool two years later, to improve my English skills. But there is actually another language I'm interesting in: Russian. I know that it is not really useful because let's be honest, we do not speak Russian in many countries. But I actually loved the fact that it is a new alphabet to learn, and a language so different from the others. And obviously, I think that Russian is a beautiful language. I already tried to learn the alphabet and I can almost read it, but now i really need to focus on the language itself, which is my challenge for this year!

3. Treat myself

I think that 2018 wasn't really my year. I didn't really treat myself as I wanted to, I didn't really focus on myself and what was good for me. It's like 2018 has been a year where I was permanently thinking about the others except me. I was always thinking about please other people, being way too kind so they would be like this in return towards me. But I was wrong obviously. That's the reason why in 2019, I need and I want to be focus onmyself, on my life and my goal, no matter what. I need to agree with all my choices in life, to following my dreams and make them come true, don't care about others' opinions. Happiness is what I want for me, and this year I'm making the choice to be happy.

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