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Living abroad, without my family and friends

When I was 18, I couldn't attend Uni, because of personal issues. I loved my studies in psychology, but I felt I just coulnd't. I've been through a mental breakdown and needed something else. I quit Uni and decided to live in London for a period of 5 months. I thought it was probably best for me. However, I've never lived abroad before. I always lived in a comfort home, with my parents who were doing everything in the house. I've never been lonely, or barely. I had no idea of what I was doing to be honest... But I left anyway.

My first experience living abroad was quite hard but so exciting. I've learned how to be independent and how it was to be lonely, but in a good way. I've learned so much about myself, and even discover a new part of myself that I didn't know until then. The thing is, I was so excited by this new life that I ghosted the majority of my friends from the moment I left. I didn't do it on purpose, but I didn't care much. I thought they were friends from High School and we were all doing our own things.

After London, I came back in Paris, met my current real friends and stayed in France for 2 years, building true friendships this time. I also loved living again near my parents/with my parents, because my family was really important to me. However, I still had this passion for travelling and living abroad. After those 2 years, I lived in New Zealand for 2 months. It has probably been the best 2 months of my entire life. Even if I was at the complete opposite side of the world, it was the best moments of my life. I only stayed two months, so I didn't miss my family and friends that much, even if I kept in touch with them quite often.

I've been back in France but shortly after, I moved to Liverpool in England for my third year at Uni, as an exchange student. My life in Liverpool were different from the experience I've had until then. I was at Uni, for 1 year this time. I met a lot of people, kept in touch with my family and friends from France... After a year, I was pretty used to this lifestyle and the fact that I was far from home. I decided to stay in Liverpool, because it actually became my new home.

The thing is, today it is sometimes quite hard to be far from people I love. I miss my parents, I miss my friends, I miss my cat and I even miss my little home town. It doesn't happen really often, but propably once every two weeks I wish I could be home, just chilling in my bed, talking face to face with my mum, or being in Paris with my friends, walking in Le Parc du Luxembourg or bieng in St Michel.

It is quite hard sometimes but I guess I get used to it. Sometimes I think about the fact that my mum must miss me as well, she must miss me being around, our moments and our past habits together. I wish I could give her what she wants and be home again, spending all my time with her because it was our daily life during 18 years. But we all make choices in life, even if sometimes it is quite hard, choices are made for good reasons, and I would do exactly the same as I did if I had the chance to go back in the past.

Grace x

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