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A weekend in London

This weekend, I went to London with my boyfriend. I've lived in London before, so I pretty much knew everything we could do in 2 days in this beautiful city.

First of all, we arrived from Warrington to London Euston by train, early in the morning. After our breakfast, I asked my boyfriend what kind of activity he would like to do, as it was still really early and we had plenty of time to do a lot of stuffs. When he told me he wanted to visit a museum, I directly thought about the British Museum, as I'm not a huge fan of the Tate Modern and it was pretty far from where we were at the time. We went to the British Museum quite early, at 10am, but only visited the Egyptian and Greek part, as we were not really interested in other parts of the museum.

After going to the museun, I couldn't see myself avoiding Notting Hill during that trip, I really wanted to show my boyfriend this part of London as it is my favorite one. I know he's not a huge fan of crowds and it was a Saturday morning in Notting Hill, so obviously the market wasn't the best idea to go for a relaxing area, but I knew it was worth it (I mean, I hope so). Obviously, I loved it. I loved Notting Hill, I missed this market and all those beautiful buildings. If only I could live there one day...

After visiting this busy area, we have decided to go to the National Gallery and it was actually way better than the British Museum. I'm not critizing the British Museum, but we both agreed that the National Gallery was so much better (mostly in terms of art). And obvisouly the building was sooooooo beautiful. I remembered that it was beautiful, but didn't remember it was THAT beautiful.

After the National Gallery, we were starving. I had the (bad) idea to propose to eat in a buffet restaurant in China Town, so he could see China Town, Leicester Square, Picadilly Circus (... the M&M's store as well...). It was actually a pretty bad buffet. I loved the rice but there was nothing exceptional. Plus, my boyfriend found raw chicken in his plate, which is actually pretty disgusting for a restaurant located in this good place. I'm happy that at least he liked Picadilly Circus and its huge screen, which is even more impressive at night.

After all we've done that day, we were pretty tired so we decided to go back to our hotel pretty early. The location of the hotel was so good. It was located really close to Hyde Park and Lancaster Gate, which I consider is one of the best location for a stay in London as it is quite close to everything. After a good night in the hotel, I felt lucky when we woke up because we were at the fourth floor so we could admire a beautiful view and beautiful weather.

Then we decided to go for a walk in Hyde Park, which was so great. I always loved Hyde Park and was actually so excited to show him this place as I knew he would love it as well. We've have spend an hour on a small boat on the pond of Hyde Park and then we have been to the event that my boyfriend offered me for Valentine's day: Wine and Cheese event. At the beginning we were the only young people but then some young couples arrived and it felt less and less awkward. At the end, I really loved this activity as it was something really different that we are both using to do and the wines and cheeses were really good to be honest.

After this event, we have been to Carnaby Street in the restaurant Bella Italia as we were starving (again!) and then we ended up buying a souvenir from this trip on Oxford Circus. He bought a black jumper and I decided to buy a little heart necklace, so we will both remember this weekend when we will wear them.

We then decided to go to London Euston to take the train to Warrington. We didn't really want to go home and go back to work, because this weekend has been perfect for both of us. I love London and was so happy to show him all those places that I love. He loved this city and I'm so hapy about that. I wish one day we could go there again, because there is so much more to see. I wish I could show him Camden Town, Coven Garden, Regent's park, Buckingham Palace, St James'Park, Big Ben... We will see! But for now, I love all the memories we made during that weekend!

Grace x

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